Early Hardcore All Stars – FREE Megamix


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01.Jason S – Intro: Arm the weapon
02.E-Man – E-shifter
03.B.S.E. – Headache FM
04.System 3 – Like a shot
05.Bass Reaction – Technophobia
06.Forze DJ Team – ’98 To piano
07.DJ Sim – Simbiosis
08.Wasting Program – Bring that shit back
09.Bass X – Hardcore disco part II
10.Jones & Stephenson – The first rebirth
11.DJ J.D.A. – The big payback
12.Rotterdam Terror Corps – There’s only one terror
13.The Scotchman – Asylum
14.Neophyte – Braincracking
15.Wayward – Hardcore hijacked me
16.Pilldriver – Pitch-hiker
17.Hyperact – House aggression
18.Stingray & Sonicdriver – As cold as ice
19.El Bruto – Watch me dance
20.6-Pack – Drunken piece of shit (mix 1)
21.Chosen Few – Tranceparant
22.DJ Paul Elstak – Paul’s nightmare
23.Dance Overdose – Wake up to the overdose (the Marc Smith Nnotorious mix)
24.DJ Isaac & Pagan – 2 definitions
25.DJ Paul Elstak – Play my game
26.Brothers in Law – Happy motherfucker
27.Bass-D & King Matthew – Like a dream
28.DJ Buzz Fuzz & The Prophet – Go get ill
29.DJ Buzz Fuzz – Frequencies
30.Neophyte – Execute